Brookwater consulting offers employment consulting in three main areas:

  1. End to end HR solutions
    • Tailoring in-source HR outcomes for small to medium enterprises. We bring forward expertise from large scale enterprises to deliver a service to scale. Brookwater Consulting is like having a complete HR department, in your phone.
    • Unlike many in this area Brookwater Consulting combines years of expertise in all facets of HR with a strong legal team
    • Our philosophy to HR solutions is to keep it seamless, simple and integrated. That is why we are a HR team with our own in-house lawyers. We are about staying with you – through everything. Our HR solutions are about getting everything out of the way so you can focus on people, product and passion.
    • Our tailored services include solutions for:
      • HR Frameworks and people strategy
      • Recruitment and onboarding
      • People, capability and culture
      • Training in discrimination, diversity and the prevention of harassment and bullying
      • Employee relations


  2. ER Projects and Strategy
    • Brookwater Consulting combines decades of in-house IR experience from within some of Queensland’s largest organisations and experienced employment lawyers. We cover ER from every angle and will stay with you – through everything.
    • Combining years of ER experience and leadership Brookwater Consulting will give you the strategic edge in your Employee Relations.
    • At Brookwater Consulting we about more than just getting you through your current hurdle. We are passionate about ER strategy and believe that solving today’s ER must also include setting you up for success tomorrow.
    • Our team can provide tailored solutions for:
      • Individual flexibility agreements and employment contracts
      • Enterprise bargaining and negotiations
      • Industrial disputes and union right of entry matters
      • Compliance systems for award, agreement and legislation
      • Misconduct investigations, dismissal and appeals


  3. Inclusion diversity and equity
    • At Brookwater Consulting we are committed to creating high performing teams, operating inside fantastic workplace cultures and living our values.
    • We believe that building and supporting diverse and inclusive workplaces.
Darren Hooper (Grad Cert Labour and Industrial Relations)

Darren is an experienced HR and ER leader. He is the President of the Diversity Practitioners’ Association. Darren has experience in the following fields:

  1. Diversity, inclusion equity and unconscious bias – including extensive experience developing policies and training that are designed around enabling teams and leaders to see the value of diversity, to embrace and understand inclusion and to change their results in terms of diversity outcomes and inclusive leadership.
  2. Professional development programs – including designing and running professional development and mentoring programs aimed at helping employees step up to the next opportunity in their career and to help organisations retain and promote their best people.
  3. Developing and promoting the full suite of HR and workplace policies.
  4. HR frameworks and strategy – Darren has many years experience building out HR frameworks and strategies. He can advise on developing position descriptions, on-boarding new staff, developing corporate visions, missions and values, developing employee value propositions and people promises, talent mobility and career paths and organisational capability programs.
  5. Extensive experience in all facets of ER, including bargaining, right of entry, dispute settlement (in FWC & ADCQ), misconduct investigations, bullying complaints, sexual harassment complaints and dismissals.
Dale Hooper (BBUS, LLB, LLM – with Merit)

Dale has been practising law for over 15 years. He is a solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland and the High Court of Australia. He has experience in:

  1. Workplace inquiries into unacceptable behaviour.
  2. Drafting employment contracts and advising on the application and interpretation of employment contract terms.
  3. Employment law advice in the areas of unfair dismissal, award application, retention of employer’s intellectual property at contract end and employment law issues arising out of enterprise acquisitions.
  4. Training in the areas of workplace bullying and harassment, workplace investigations and application of procedural fairness in workplace decision making.
  5. Drafting and application of a broad range of workplace policies.


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