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Divorce and Separation Specialists

We know how important it is to handle all issues of separation and divorce for our clients so that the impact on them and their families is as minimal as possible. We recognize how important it is to keep our clients out of litigation, only encouraging this as a last resort. If litigation is pursued, our clients can be confident that we are going to do so in the most efficient and determined way possible, to ensure that the client’s interest and rights are enforced.

Parenting disputes, Child Support, and Other Family Disputes: One of the hardest issues for couples that are separating or divorcing is determining what is best for their children. We have dealt with many parenting and child support matters. We know first-hand how stressful this time can be for them and their children.

When seeking a Springfield family law practice, clients are looking for a capable team of solicitors that can avoid the hassle of litigation, especially when their children are concerned.

We avoid litigation unless it is absolutely necessary, encouraging and assisting our clients to resolve issues outside of the court system. Aiming to arrive at the fairest and equal resolutions possible for all parties involved, we guarantee to always do what is best for our clients.

Even more, we also strive to be the voice of reason for all of our clients’ legal issues, regardless of whether they’re divorcing or separating.

Domestic Violence & Spousal Maintenance Legal Support
Domestic violence is a crime that happens much more often than people tend to realize. Most parties involved with domestic violence believe a common misconception that there is little the government can do about the issue, but they are wrong. There are certain laws to assist people that feel the fear of domestic violence in their lives.

As one of the leading family solicitors in Ipswich, we feel we have a personal obligation to the community to provide a service that makes them feel confident and sure of their personal safety. When we are contacted about any issues that have to do with domestic violence, we take all of the appropriate steps to make sure our clients are both safe in body and mind, and always going beyond the standard to get the job done.

Leading Solicitors In The Areas Of Financial Agreements and Property Settlements
One of the many reasons we are one of the top family law solicitors in Springfield is our work with financial agreements and property settlements. We have vast experience over the years handling financial agreements and property issues.


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