Brookwater Legal: Property and Family Lawyers In Greater Springfield

Brookwater Legal is the experienced, community first law practice for the Greater Springfield region and Brisbane surrounds. In 2015 husband and wife Dale and Christie Hooper opened the firm for business with the aim of assisting both individuals and small business, in particular, the people of Greater Springfield and any current or veteran ADF members.

Dale Hooper began his legal career in North Queensland before following a family tradition by joining the Royal Australian Air Force. Throughout these two parts of Dale’s career, he has had the opportunity to work in numerous areas of the law, including property, conveyancing, litigation, family law, employment law, administrative law, disciplinary tribunals, wills and commercial law.

Now having settled down in Greater Springfield, Dale, and Brookwater Legal  serve all members of the community and surrounding Brisbane areas as well as current and former ADF members wherever possible. Brookwater Legal offer experienced legal advice in the areas of:



Brookwater Legal have a commitment to all clients that their case will be handled by an experienced team, keeping you well informed of the progress and up to date on your matter at all times.

At Brookwater Legal we pride ourselves on being local, flexible, economical and accessible.

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